Our city has a story to share with the world. On the pages that follow you’ll discover the ideas, storylines and plans that are shaping our future.

Read on, and be part of our story. Be part of Our Newcastle.

How to tell our city story

Thanks for being one of the storytellers.

We know that the way we describe our city matters. Our partners and stakeholders have told us they want a bold, shared narrative to tell the world about Newcastle; this document has been prepared to meet that critical need. The words used and the sentiment they generate express how we feel about the place we choose to live, work, study, socialise and raise our children.

Getting the narrative right will not only help us to communicate, it will also build on Newcastle’s reputation as a pioneering city, one that empowers its residents and embraces new opportunities.

Tone of voice is key to this and is reflected powerfully in the main heading, ‘This is our Newcastle’. Newcastle is inclusive. Newcastle is for the many.

This line, or a slight variation of it, ‘Our Newcastle’ runs through the entire narrative and is to be used as frequently as possible, either at the beginning or as a sign-off, from mail-outs to social media posts.

This is our signature mark and our most important message, a call to action to rally the residents and visitors of Newcastle to take ownership of the city and work together to make it even better.

With the overarching, inclusive and empowering narrative in mind, we also have topic-specific sub-narratives with thoughts and words for when we need to discuss something more specific e.g. our plans for growth, or new traffic layouts in the city centre.

We’re talking to our audience, not at them. We’re in this together and the improvements are all part of the city’s transformation into a place that’s better for everyone.

Please use this narrative as the starting point for your own story, for the future of our great city.

Bright sparks and big ideas.

Our Newcastle is a great city, one that never stands still.

A city that makes history and shapes the future. A place of bright sparks and big ideas. Of people who are passionate about the place they call home. And who always strive for something better.

A city with strong connections to the past, to the world, to each other. Somewhere to believe in, to love, to be proud of. A place that tugs at the heart, and will always call you back. Ours is a city of justice, fairness and deeply held values.

We think that great opportunities should be shared. And that people can do amazing things, when you give them a chance.

As a city, we will define, challenge and mark out a new path. With the energy that comes from chasing your dreams, and then making them real. We’ve got an eye on the horizon, and just beyond. We believe in ourselves, and in our great city.

This is our Newcastle.

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Great city, Great connections


This city and its people deserve a network of great travel choices and connections. A network that’s as good as any in the world.

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That lightbulb moment? We invented it.

Science and innovation

We can craft, collaborate and code the future. From data, to beta, to ‘let’s make the future’, we boast the best software programmers and some amazing digital entrepreneurs.

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The beating heart of a brilliant city

City centre plan

It’s a beautiful city. Some might say iconic, but on a scale that makes it feel like home, even if you’ve only just arrived.

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Freedom to grow and to prosper


Our business offer is all about ideas, energy and the brave new world of data. Our industries are fuelled by knowledge. From sub-sea engineering to life sciences and digital.

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Newcastle, it’s time to share

Social justice

Our measure of success is a tide that lifts all boats; a prosperity that is shared. We want each and every Geordie to have a chance to contribute to that success.

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Digital by design

Discover the future.

Newcastle. Digital by design. We have the can-do, the know-how, and the get up and go to transform our city. It’s something that’s been building for years.

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