Our Newcastle

Ambassador Programme

Our Newcastle is a great city, one that never stands still. It’s a fantastic place to live, work, study and grow a business, a city full of people passionate about the place they call home.

We have a great story to share with the world and we need your help to share it! On this website, you’ll find some tools to help us all shout about Newcastle a little louder.

Together we can help attract more investment, jobs, pride, success and opportunities by shining a spotlight on our city. Everything is easy to access and free to download.

We hope you’ll use these tools in your own work, networks, platforms and channels and become great ambassadors for our Newcastle.

Newcastle Narratives

Our city has a story to share with the world. Discover the ideas, storylines and plans that are shaping our future.

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Our toolkit provides inspiring, consistent and impactful messaging and materials that are freely available to all.

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